Hey everyone, I know it has been forever but our life is so crazy. Travs job had to cut pay so I am now working six days a week and have no time to update my blog. He has decided to go full time with the sprinkling systems and quit his job. It is a risky move but we have hope that things will work out. My girls are great. Ry is in dance and gymnastics and loving it. She is so just like her mom. Kam is really got an attitude and is so like her mom too. Isn't that funny? I'm so in for it when they are older. She is so fun and is growing up too fast. Like they all do. We are flying out to Vegas in the morning for a vacation and to just play. We are really excited about that. Than the next week my work is sending me to Arizona for a conference. I can not wait to spend some time in the sun. I will be getting some pictures on ASAP after we get back so you can all see how big my girls are getting. Life is good and we are hanging in there. Though we have had some challanges I must say I am so lucky for what I have. Two beautiful, healthy daughters and the coolest husband ever!!! I will update you all more when we get done playing on our trip!!!


crazy life.

So, I know it has been a while since I have done anything with my blog. Life has been so busy and crazy. We finally got in the new house and are loving it. It is so nice to have our own place. Trav has been working like crazy. He leaves the house at about 7 and I'm lucky if he gets home at 9. Its the life I guess. We have a few things we are looking forward to this summer. I am running my first 5k on July 12th. I have just starting getting into running and have really enjoyed it. I figured I may as well do something with it. The other thing is that My best Friend Ali is flying trav and I out to Chicago for his birthday. We are so excited. Trav is a huge cubs fan and we haven't been anywhere together since our honeymoon. I can't wait to take him somewhere and to just relax and enjoy each other. The girls are growing up so much everyday. It makes me so sad. They are both getting so big. I cry when I go by ry's new school. I know, I am a baby!! Life just goes by so quick. I feel like we get so caught up in the things that really don't matter and need to spend more time focusing on each other and enjoying the sweetness life brings. I love ya all.


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A Tribute to Trav

So this week has kind of been a crazy one. My oldest brother is going through a divorce for the second time. It it really crazy and they are having a lot of problems. I am the closest one of the sibling with him and So I went over and spent some time with him while all of this was going on. I couldn't help but think about my past with trav and all the craziness that we have been through. For those of you that are close to us know what I'm talking about. After I left my brothers house after hours of crying and hurting for him. I left there with so many emotions going through me and so many past memories. I had to call my great husband trav and tell him how thankful I am for him. I am so lucky that he has come so far. He has become such a great person. I knew deep down what a good person he was all along and now for it to have all come together and have work out so great. I want him to know how much I love him and how much I apperciate all he does for our little family. This summer will be three years of sobrity for Trav. So for him I want to say. I am so proud to be with him. What an amazing and awesome thing to do. He is the love of my life. He is am amazing person. Thanks Baby for everything. Thanks for taking care of us. Thanks for being so smart and going to school and working your butt off doing two jobs. Thanks for putting up with my craziness. Thanks for listening to me and always supporting me. Thanks for being such a great dad, your girls love you to death. Thanks for being so dang good looking. Thanks for being my best friend. And thanks for getting your life together so we could make this journey together. I love you!!! You are a amazing.


Travis and brittany story
About 6 years ago after trav and I had been hanging out for a few months we found out that we were expecting a baby. That is where our story begins. From that day til now a lot has happened. Not everything that we want to remember or even talk about. But here we are 6 years later married with two beautiful little girls and in a spot in life I never would have ever imaged we would be. Life has turned our way and we have never been happier. Our first daughter is now 5 and will be starting school this August. so scary!! And we just had our second beautiful little girl named Kameron. She is now 4 months old and the happiest, sweetest little baby ever. We have just bought our first home and will be moving in at the end of May. Trav is working two jobs and going to school. He has turned out to be the greatest husband in the world and would do anything for our little family. I am currently working as a vet tech at Lakeview Animal hospital and loving it. I just love working with animals . We have been through a lot in our short marriage but have grown so much and apperciate each other and all the hard work we have done to be where we are now. I couldn't ask for anything better. We have a beautiful family and a lot of fun together.